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golf mats, golf mat, golf practice mats

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golf mats, golf mat, golf practice mats
Patent 5,888,147
Patent 5,888,147

golf mats, golf mat, golf practice mats
golf mats
golf mats
golf mats

DivotHit golf mats in motion
Nice drive down the middle, only 135 yds to the green.
Over a sandtrap with a lake in back!

Hit "fat" behind the ball, the divot moves first, "fat" shot (sand).
But don't "skull" it (water).

The moving divot provides immediate feedback so you develop a swing that will be effective on the course. The unrealistic excessive-forgiveness of brush golf mats plus the bounce with wrist and arm injury associated with turf golf mats have been eliminated!
Develop accurate (ball-first) contact key to every good shot and consistency on the course.
Buy a Divothit™ today and put a virtual golf course in your backyard.

  • Stay loose at home taking practice swings "clipping the grass". Imagine playing the course as you alternate clubs. Challenge your friends with practice balls (sponge or plastic) as you play it over the tree, past the car, etc. It's fun and sure to keep your next party going!.
Smooth impact
Helpful tips: (practice without a ball)
  • Beginners: Start slow with a half swing (3 to 9 on a clock) until you can consistently hit just the front of the mat, slightly moving it or not at all (don't hit fat or too much of the mat as illustrated, but make sure you hit it! The most common fault of beginners is to swing too hard and beat the ground hitting way behind the ball).
  • Advanced players: Accelerate down and follow-through completely, again hitting the front (1 inch) of the mat. This should bump it forward only slightly (but make sure you hit it) taking a divot after the mat to practice precise control.